2007 Iowa Primary Winners

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Obama, clinton split primary elections tuesday

Us elections: candidates in final pitch before iowa vote

Usa: republicans make last appearances in iowa prior to elections

Key races on the ballot in tuesday's pa. primary

Iowa press debate: u.s. senate republican primary

The democratic race in seven minutes

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Obama and clinton virtually tied in iowa polls

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Michelle obama's big moment

Iowa's effect on new hampshire primary unclear

Do moderate dem candidates have a chance in the 2020 primaries?

Eye to eye: barack obama on presidential campaign

Iowa caucuses :: submit your voter video

Thanks for the memories, 2012 primary

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How iowa became the first primary state (inside bernie's campaign hq)

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Breaking: obama wins election

Clinton, obama clash at debate

Political issues, primaries and midterm elections

Hillary clinton visits iowa in major election push, guiliani presser

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Iowa rallies for clinton

Youtube debate: nuclear power?

Iowa caucus history: george mcgovern’s early momentum in 1972

2016 wyoming democratic u.s. house primary debate

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December 13, 1999, republican presidential candidates debate, iowa

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The citizens guide to the 2008 iowa caucus.

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Iowa caucus victory speech

Barack obama - january 18th 2008 nevada

Delaney on why he won't push socialism like other 2020 democrats

Bob dole on issues and polls at the new hampshire republican primary debate (1980)

Iowa caucus for change precinct parties

Democratic primary debate 2004 (johnston iowa)

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Super tuesday: d-day for clinton and obama

Early 2020 senate map races projection - 2020 senate elections predictions

Q to mike gravel: did vietnam vets die in vain?

May 7th democratic primary 2008, commentary by jason johnson

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