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Interstim® testing procedure treatment for urinary disorders (part 1)

Interstim therapy for bladder control problems

Interstim lead removal animation

Interstim placement procedure

How to control urge incontinence using interstim ii - sacral neuromodulation - by dr anup gulati

Spinal cord stimulator trial removal

Dr nameer haider is replacing a battery of a spinal cord stimulator at the omni surgery center

Spinal cord stimulation implant surgery

Spinal cord stimulator implants

Infected neuro stimulator in back (caution) video

03 lad exposition.m1v

Spinal cord stimulator implant

Nevro senza implant dr. skaribas, houston 2015

Spinal cord stimulator removal 3/20/2013

Sister's spinal neuro stimulation leads being removed gross

Sacral nerve stimulation

Vns implant

Implantation of spinal cord stimulator by joe ordia, md

Spinal cord stimulator trial performed at christian hospital pain management center

New technology helps san antonians find relief from chronic back pain

Being well 907: overactive bladder

My dbs journey: day 10 - the battery install

2 surgeries down 1 to go, 2nd surg. update, how ic has changed my life

Time for another adjustment, update from surgery, etc.

Ien now: report shows 8,600 ways to hack a pacemaker

What you will receive when buying an itouch sure pelvic floor exerciser

What is interstim (neuromodulation) therapy?

How to use the medtronic carelink® patient home monitor

5392 dual chamber temporary external pacemaker single chamber functionality

Pacer settings .. what the device looks like

Dr. christine heisler on bladder control

Fecal incontinence treatment

What to do about unretrieved device fragments

Incontinence part 2

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