Interstin Bladder Pacemaker

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Interstim therapy for bladder control problems

Interstim® testing procedure treatment for urinary disorders (part 1)

Interstim technology at detroit medical center: stopping overactive bladder

High tech bladder solution

Connie’s story: fecal (bowel) incontinence treated with sacral nerve stimulation (interstim therapy)

Urinary incontinence in women video – brigham and women’s hospital

"pacemaker" for the bladder treats incontinence

Neurostimulatie interstim implantatie

Bladder pacemaker (interstim therapy) for urinary incontinence

What can i expect after an interstim procedure?

What is a bladder pacemaker

Interstim testing procedure treatment for urinary disorders part 2

Pacemaker-like device helps treat overactive bladder

Medtronic bladder control therapy: sarah’s story

"stage two interstim procedure" with dr. melanie crites-bachert (

Interstim stage 2 implant

Medtronic sacral neuromodulation

Percutaneous nerve testing in office step 1

Medtronic bladder control therapy delivered by the interstim system

Living with an interstim implant #5

"bladder overactivity, sacral neuromodulation and interstim" with dr. melanie crites-bachert

Bladder interstim - post surgery day 1

Interstim trial stage 1 procedure

Living with an interstim implant #2

New fecal incontinence device

How medtronic bladder control therapy works

Bladder interstim: finally!

Why is interstim therapy effective against overactive bladder?

Patient testimonial: interstim to treat overactive bladder

Interstim placement procedure

Living with an interstim implant #1

An interstim success story

Interstim trial (my journey)

Interstim smart programmer for medtronic bladder or bowel control therapy: using the my therapy app

Fecal incontinence - interstim bowel mechanism of action

Interstim overview animation

Bladder interstim trial

My story with the interstim implant

Interstim therapy for bladder control

Interstim icon programmer for bladder or bowel control therapy: adjusting stimulation amplitude

Interstim icon programmer for medtronic bladder or bowel control therapy: changing programs

What is interstim? + interstim surgery update

1st night with the interstim trial

Interstim therapy: a patient's story

Treatments for overactive bladder: botox vs. interstim

Interstim therapy animation

Interstim icon programmer for medtronic bladder or bowel control therapy: turning on & off

The urology group: interstim for overactive bladder

Bladder interstim trial: update day 5

Urinary urge incontinence in women (q&a)

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