James Byrd Jr

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The murder of james byrd jr documentary

Byrd: "the life & tragic death of james byrd jr " ft.dick gregory

A second man convicted in killing of james byrd jr. set to be executed

James byrd jr. killer to be executed in april

The case of james byrd, jr

Watch live: ringleader executed in dragging death of james byrd jr.

Raw | sheriff billy rowles reflects on james byrd jr. dragging death as killer faces execution

The untold life story of james byrd jr.

The truth about james byrd jr dragged for 3 miles behind a pick-up truck by 3 white men

Convicted killer of james byrd jr. set to be executed in texas

The death of james byrd jr.

Jasper's journey (part 1 of 2)

Execution scheduled for convicted ringleader in james byrd jr. slaying

The evil john william king executed for brutal death of james byrd jr new

20 years later: john william king claims "innocence" in the killing of james byrd jr.

R.i.p james byrd- it took 21 years for them to finally execute the kkk ringleader who murdered you

Warning!! most graphic crime scene photos ever

Remember his name.mov

John william king given lethal injection in james byrd jr dragging case

The lynching of james byrd.jr

1999 special report: "killing time"

The murder of james byrd jr.

James byrd2

White supremacist executed for texas dragging

Lone star hate (crime documentary) real stories

James byrd jr. was drug to his death on this road!

James byrd jr

James byrd jr 20 years later

Usa: jasper: ku klux klan rally ends in scuffles

20 years later: john william king to be executed for the death of james byrd jr .

Brewer first interview

James byrd

Shock-john william king put to death as texas executes another killer of james byrd jr

Justice for james byrd has finally come

Friends, family speak out as execution approaches for ringleader in brutal murder of james byrd jr.

Ktrh talks to jasper sheriff about execution of lawrence brewer

Good riddance: james byrd jr.’s killer, john william king to be executed wednesday

Two towns of jasper: behind the scenes

How the james byrd jr. case affected the lives of those involved in the case

!!last day for a killer-lawrence russell brewer pronounced dead!!

Blazak mayhem tour 38 - jasper, texas dragging death of james byrd, jr.

White supremacist executed for the death of james byrd

Alfred wright death: texas sheriff says man found with throat slit 'overdosed'

Texas sheriff say, “i hoped a black man killed james byrd jr” #jamesbyrd #hatecrime

Live coverage of james byrd jr's family statement after the execution

The life & tragic death of james byrd, jr.

John william king to be executed tonight

Trial coverage of texas racist bill king who killed james byrd jr 1998

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