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Rep. seth moulton makes his case for the white house

Rep. seth moulton: voters want a commander in chief they can actually trust | velshi & ruhle | msnbc

Massachusetts congressman seth moulton becomes 20th democrat to enter 2020 race

2020 democratic candidate rep. seth moulton: attorney general barr lied to congress

Congressman seth moulton was a tv celebrity in iraq

Rep. seth moulton joins field of democrats running for president in 2020

Seth moulton: meet the 19th democratic contender for us 2020 race

A conversation on defense policy with rep. seth moulton - part 1

Seth moulton: meet the 2020 candidate

Representative seth moulton launches 2020 bid | morning joe | msnbc

Congressman seth moulton says democrats need new leaders | morning joe | msnbc

A conversation on defense policy with rep. seth moulton - part 2

2020 hopeful seth moulton says he's the one who can beat trump

Rep. seth moulton says 'no way in hell' gen. mattis supports new immigration order

Democratic congressman seth moulton points the way forward for his party | morning joe | msnbc

Lawrence interviews presidential contender seth moulton | the last word | msnbc

Seth moulton: pelosi 'didn't respect the women' and should 'step down' as leader | mtp daily | msnbc

One-on-one with congressman seth moulton

Iraq veteran and congressman seth moulton wants to know syria strategy | morning joe | msnbc

2020 presidential hopeful rep. seth moulton on his alien invasion plan

Skullduggery tv: the candidate and the ghostwriter

Rep. seth moulton on pelosi – and what dems should do next

Congressman seth moulton explains his support for conor lamb | morning joe | msnbc

Seth moulton on medical weed for veterans

Us rep. seth moulton enters 2020 race

House democrat seth moulton calls for assault rifle ban

Congressman seth moulton discusses contentious town halls

Moulton & warren: a tale of two mass. 2020 candidates

2020 presidential candidate seth moulton meets with central iowa jrotc students

Trump's un speech was embarrassing, rep. moulton says

Political happy hour with seth moulton

Iraq vet, rep. seth moulton, criticizes president trump's twitter threats | morning joe | msnbc

Rep. seth moulton on iran, joe biden & the va

'he should resign' rep. seth moulton says of senator franken | mtp daily | msnbc

Democratic massachusetts rep. seth moulton has announced his entry to the 2020 presidential race

Seth moulton enters presidential race

Seth moulton likens trump's rise to hitler's

Congressman seth moulton (d-ma) | global citizen festival nyc 2017

John tierney loses to seth moulton

Congressman considering a run in 2020 | morning joe | msnbc

Kcci close up: bernie sanders, seth moulton

U.s. house gaveled out of session as rep. moulton reads names of mass shooting victims (c-span)

Commencement 2016: principal address by congressman seth moulton

Interview with seth moulton, democratic candidate for u.s. congress in the 6th district

Otr: roundtable discusses seth moulton's potential impact on presidential race

Congressman takes in iraqi refugee | hardball | msnbc

'conversation with the candidate' with seth moulton: part 1

Full seth moulton: shouldn’t vote on impeachment until mueller report comes out | mtp daily | msnbc

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